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Head Coach: Rich Trimboli
Assistant Coach: Jeremy Cooper

Gym Information

National Gymnastics Training Center (NGTC)

4 Journey Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


New Teammate for 2015

Welcome to the team Noah Guerin! We look forward to having you compete as a SkySurfer.

Jeremy's Trampoline Game

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2015 Upcoming Competitions

Name Location Date Schedule
1st Prelim Frequent Fliers, Ontario February 21-22, 2015 Competition Information
2nd Prelim SoCal TTC, Poway March 7-8, 2015 Competition Information
Kalon Ludvigson Invite Salt Lake City, Utah March 20-21, 2015 TBA
3rd Prelim World Elite, R.S. Margarita March 28-29, 2015 Competition Information
2015 State Championships Bakersfield, CA April 18-19,2015 TBA
2015 Elite Challenge Colorado Springs, Colorado April 23-26, 2015 Competition Information
2015 Regional Championships Arizona May 15-17, 2015 TBA
2015 USA Gymnastics Championships Greensboro, North Carolina June 24-28, 2015 Competition Information
Pan American Games Toronto, Canada July 13-20, 2015 TBA
Levels 5-7 National Championships TBD July 16-19, 2015 TBA
2015 World Championships Odense, Denmark November 22-29, 2015 TBA
2015 World Age Group Championships Odense, Denmark November 28 - December 6, 2015 TBA

Recent Results:

2013 National Championships

Kansas City, MO


LevelAge GroupStanding
Brendan Payne611 to 128th place
Eliana Leish613 to 1453rd place
Jacob Stewart811 to 126th place
Jacob Wolf815 and over9th place
Jonah Bonner1015 to 164th place
Matthew Coblish1015 and Over4th place
Double Mini
Brendan Payne611 to 122nd place (SILVER)
Eliana Leish613 to 1445th place
Jacob Stewart811 to 1222nd place
Jacob Wolf815 and over4th place
Matthew Coblish915 and Over7th place
Jonah Bonner1015 to 161st place (GOLD)
Synchronized Trampoline
Matthew Coblish and
Jonah Bonner
1017 and Over3rd place (BRONZE)
Total metal count

2013 Regional Championships

Las Vegas, NV


LevelAge GroupStanding
Brendan Payne611 to 122nd place (SILVER)
Eliana Leish613 to 144th place
Jacob Stewart811 to 123rd place (BRONZE)
Jacob Wolf815 and over1st place (GOLD)
Jonah Bonner1015 to 161st place (GOLD)
Matthew Coblish1015 and Over2nd place (SILVER)
Jeremy CooperSr Elite-3rd place (BRONZE)
Joshua CooperSr Elite-6th place
Double Mini
Brendan Payne611 to 1212th place
Eliana Leish613 to 148th place
Jacob Stewart811 to 122nd place (SILVER)
Jacob Wolf815 and over1stplace (GOLD)
Matthew Coblish915 and Over1st place (GOLD)
Jonah Bonner1015 to 162nd place (SILVER)
Joshua CooperJr Elite-2nd place (SILVER)
Jeremy CooperSr Elite-3rd place (BRONZE)
Synchronized Trampoline
Matthew Coblish and
Jonah Bonner
1017 and Over1st place (GOLD)
Jeremy Cooper and
Joshua Cooper
Sr Elite-1st place (GOLD)
Total metal count

State Championships 2013:

This year the SkySurfers Trampoline team did a phenominal job at the State Championships, earning a total of 13 GOLD with only 8 on the team. States were held in Ontario, CA by the Frequent Fliers. For more results visit: States 2013 Results

National Championships 2012:


State Championships 2011:


Visa Championships 2010:

The Visa Championships is a national event in which the top gymnasts from the United States compete against eachother for a spot on the US team to compete in France this November. This year the Visa Championships was hosted in Hartford, Connecticut from August 10th through 14th and it contained the various disciplines of gymnastics like Mens, Womens, Acrobatic and Trampoline. Jeremy and Joshua Cooper both attended this competition and swept the Jr. Elite competition. The boys recieved an amazing gold medal in synchronized trampoline, showing that twins deserve to win first place. Joshua earned the gold medal on Double Mini Trampoline with outstanding passes whereas Jeremy earned the silver right behind his brother. For Individual Trampoline, Joshua made 9th place, an excellent top ten finish. Jeremy suprised the competition by earning himself the gold medal, beating everyone in the Jr. Elite division. Because of their top performance at this competition, the boys both qualified themselves onto the US team for various events. Joshua qualified for synchronized trampoline and double mini. Jeremy qualified for each and every event that he competed, including synchronized trampoline, double mini, and individual trampoline.
The boys are now practicing really hard in order to do well at the World Age Group Championships in France this November. Great job boys on your fantastic performance!

Double mini: Jeremy, Joshua      
Trampoline: Jeremy, Joshua      
Synchro: Jeremy and Joshua

Coach Rich with Olympian Jennifer Parilla at 2001 World Championships in Denmark
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Who are the SkySurfers

Sponsorships Needed

The SkySurfers Trampoline Team is a non-profit athletic team dedicated to providing trampoline-oriented support and training for athletes in Greater Orange County. Having organized long prior to Trampoline becoming an Olympic event, SkySurfers is one of only a few elite trampoline teams in California.

The SkySurfers Trampoline team has a successful 12 year history. The SkySurfers are proud to have produced top-level athletes that have qualified to compete at the Olympic Games, at the Junior Olympic National Championships and at the World Age-Group Games. In addition, 25% of the 2000, 2001 and 2002 USA Senior National Teams were drawn from the SkySurfers! 

We have consistently produced medal-winning athletes competing in state, regional, national and international competitions. In addition to the status of having a US Olympic athlete, the SkySurfers Trampoline Team consists of dedicated athletes possessing the skills to compete with the best-of-the-best at competitions worldwide.


Trampoline is now an Olympic Sport and we have some hopefuls on our team. However, for the SkySurfers to have a chance to see their dreams come true, your help is needed. 

Funds required to maintain equipment in good condition and money necessary to defray expenses associated with traveling to distant competitions is precious.  If we are fortunate enough to qualify for international competition (2011 Worlds will be in Birmingham, England), the cost per athlete will soar. 

We are a talented group of athletes, but need your financial support to represent Orange County to others. If your organization were fortunate enough to be able to sponsor the SkySurfers, the SkySurfers athletes would be pleased to promote recognition of your business in conjunction with our team.

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For information on SkySurfers Trampoline Team please contact Coach Rich Trimboli  or Jeremy Cooper

Webmaster: Jeremy Cooper

SkySurfers Trampoline team is a registered 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Corporation.